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Modders have added Dr Disrespect to two Resident Evil games

Dr Disrespect in Resident Evil HD Remaster
(Image credit: Mod uploaded by letmelivegaming)

I love seeing mods that add favorite characters to games they shouldn't be in. Link in Skyrim. CJ in Breath of the Wild. The Witcher characters in anything. You name it. Dr Disrespect is not a favorite character of mine, I'll admit, but I do respect the impressively faithful rendition that modder "Letmelivegaming" on Nexus Mods put into her Dr Disrespect mod.

The Doc replaces Raccoon City police officer Chris Redfield in the Resident Evil 0 HD Remaster. Doc still has Redfield's voice, so you won't get any of the rage we know him for. It seems that another modder on the Resident Evil Modding Forum is attempting to supply some needed Doc yells.

But wait, there's more! Yet another modder has used the model by Letmelivegaming and added The Doc to another Resident Evil game. You can add The Doc in place of Leon in the Resident Evil 2 remake. Letmelivegaming uploaded a video of that mod to her YouTube channel as well showing an early RE2 scene with Doc that you can watch below.

As far as we know, it is legal to stream The Doc in the bathroom on the first floor of the training facility in Raccoon City.

Lauren Morton

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