Mobile indie rymdkapsel coming to PC in January


The beautiful, minimalist strategy game rymdkapsel—from Swedish indie developer grapefrukt games ( Martin Jonasson 's one man studio)—is coming to Windows, OS X and Linux in January via Steam. The game was previously available only on Android, iOS and PlayStation Mobile devices. No specific date or price point has been set, but rymdkapsel is currently priced at $3.99 on the iTunes App Store.

Originally launched on PlayStation Vita in early May to rave reviews, rymdkapsel is a slower-paced strategy game that has you building space stations by ordering little minions to do your bidding. As opposed to twitchy real-time strategy games like Starcraft 2 where your clicks-per-second are key to success, rymdkapsel is a slower, more meditative experience that focuses on higher-level problem solving. The slower pace allows you to properly dig on its slick, flat visual style and killer soundtrack by Niklas Ström . You'll notice that rymdkapsel is also spelled without a capital “R,” which is really troubling to some OCD English majors.

The PC version will add two new game modes, four brand new monoliths, and new missions. It will also add two new songs to its original 15 minutes soundtrack. If you really like the soundtrack and can suffer people accusing you of being a hipster, you can buy it on a cassette tape here for €5 ($6.77). It comes with a digital download version as well.

If you like the visuals, Jonasson has been making flash games for about 10years, all of which sport that simple, elegant style. You can check out his work and even play some of it on his official site .

In late November, rymdkapsel was included in the Humble Mobile Bundle. The extra sales helped push it over the 200,000 mark of units sold. Actually, if you hurry up you might just be able to get it before the sale ends.