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Miner Wars 2081's source code cracked open for modders who own the game on Steam

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Keen Software House, developers of Miner Wars 2081 and owners of a fantastic company name, have opened up the source code (opens in new tab) to their "action-survival space-shooter simulation-game", dishing out the code to both the game and its engine - providing it's used to create mods for Miner Wars, and you own the game on Steam. They haven't quite made it open source - they still own the rights to the code - but if you're the sort that enjoys poking around in the guts of games to make new and interesting things, this could be very good news. Miner Wars 2081 is currently 75% off (opens in new tab) in the Steam Spring sale, until March 29th.

As RPS note (opens in new tab) , you can find all 360,000 lines of code here (opens in new tab) , and you won't be able to just change one line and release it as your own game, because Keen have forbidden such nasty behaviour in the license (opens in new tab) . Still, this is pretty exciting news, provided you can read codelish, and you're a fan of space wars and/or space mining. Keen have just updated the base game too, so it should be more stable than the buggy release we reviewed (opens in new tab) at the end of last year.

For no reason, here's the game's launch trailer:

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