Minecraft video recreates the Battle of Hoth in block form

Today's most adorable internet thing may well prove to be the storm trooper skins featured in this new video from Paradise Decay , which recreates the Battle of Hoth in Minecraft. Creator Grahame hasn't used any additional mods to support to film, it's all in-game camerawork. The video's helped along by a terrific map, featuring towering AT-ATs, that famous power generator and a warren of rebel tranches.

Paradise Decay is responsible for the awesome Rise of the Rebellion map , a mega build that uses custom textures to deliver a cubist Star Wars adventure for intrepid Minecraft adventure pack connoisseurs. It looks like the Hoth video is set in Grahame's new map, Rise of the Empire , which he's hoping to release later this year. It'll let you play as the Empire, "hunting down the rebels who have stolen crucial Death Star Schematics." Get a closer look in the time lapse build footage and Battle for Hoth video below.

Tom Senior

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