Minecraft meets WoW with the ambitious Crafting Azeroth mod

Minecraft continues its rapid territorial expansion with the ambitious Crafting Azeroth , a mod that aims to cram all of World of Warcraft's Azeroth into Mojang's blocky expanse - minus the players, the pandas, and the occasional mass extinction , naturally.

After eight months of development, the beta version of the mod has finally been released here . The file weighs in at a hefty 2.17GB, but it unpacks into an even heftier 24GB, defying at least one law of thermodynamics. If your hard drive is weeping at the mere thought of it, take a gander at this mega-gallery on imgur instead. There's a possibility of WoW's instanced dungeons appearing at a later date, but for now creator Rumsey is working on adding the game's Outland and Northrend continents, plus other titbits like Tol Barad and the Lost Isles. While we wait on those, here are some holiday snaps from the game the kids are surely calling MinecrAzeroth in its current state.

Tom Sykes

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