Minecraft Festival is the latest event postponed due to coronavirus

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In recent years Minecon Earth has been an online event, rather than the meatspace gathering Minecon used to be. This year a return to the real world called Minecraft Festival was planned, with tickets about to go on sale on Friday. It's now the latest gaming event to be postponed due to the coronavirus. 

Though Minecraft Festival was scheduled for September, which seems like potentially a long enough way off for the virus to die down, its effects were hindering the event's organization. As Mojang wrote in a blog post, "Our partners, producers, and exhibitors are based in all corners of the world, and right now we can’t meet and collaborate in the way we need to. Without knowing exactly when we can resume planning, we have decided to postpone."

Minecraft Live, a live-streamed event planned to run in parallel with the Minecraft Festival, will still go ahead.

Here's our round-up of coronavirus-related event cancellations.


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