Minecraft, Eve Online, and League of Legends websites hacked. LulzSec claim responsibility

LulzSec Twitter Thumbnail

Minecraft, Eve Online, League of Legends, and The Escapist are the most recent high-profile games industry targets to get hit by hackers. All three of the sites went down at some point yesterday. At the time of writing, all are back online.

LulzSec has claimed responsibility for the attacks. The hacking group started taking requests for targets via Twitter , but the exact criteria for the choices are unclear.

Aside from the game devs and website, LulSec also claim to have targeted IT security company Finfisher saying "apparently they sell monitoring software to the government or some shit like that." The group claim to have received over 3500 calls and over 1500 voicemails pointing out potential victims. They proclaimed yesterday TitanicTakeoverTuesday .

The developers and website join Codemasters , Epic, Bethesda , Nintendo, Square Enix and Sony on the list of industry figureheads to get hacked this year.

LulzSec's most recent tweet implies that the group are taking a break from the criminal activity, saying: "The Lulz Boat must sail off and organise itself."

Are you having a lul with LulzSec, or are they just making you sad? PC gamers got to play less games than usual last night - that's not cool.