Microsoft's new Black Tusk Studios, headed by ex-EA devs, looking to make the next Halo

Deep in the clandestine cubicles of Vancouver, a team largely made up of former EA developers has been assembled. Yesterday, it finally went public. The Microsoft-owned Black Tusk Studios is working on a new franchise that it hopes will become "the next Halo."

If that doesn't exactly rev your engine, no one would fault you. Microsoft doesn't have the greatest track record with the PC in recent years. And Halo doesn't have much of a track record on the PC at all. The new studio "will focus on the Xbox 360," according to the Vancouver Sun , but it hasn't explicitly ruled out bringing its mystery project to the PC. I know, I know. I'm not holding my breath either. But we can be optimistic, right?

Studio manager Mike Crump told the Sun that Black Tusk has been operating in "stealth mode" as it put a team together. The studio currently boasts a team of 55 developers with an average of 12 years industry experience, and is looking to possibly double that in the near future. We'll just have to wait and see if this will translate into something fresh and exciting for the PC.

via The Escapist