Microsoft unveils wearable holograms in Project X-Ray for HoloLens

2015-10-06 10 20 56-Greenshot

Microsoft has unveiled Project X-Ray for Hololens, which is a virtual reality game that offers “wearable holograms.” Microsoft demonstrated Project X-Ray on stage today at its October Event.

project xray

In the demo, a weapon formed around the player’s hand, and followed him wherever he moved around the room. The room itself was transformed into a virtual play space, with robots smashing through walls and climbing over furniture that was already in the room.

He was then able to shoot lasers at the robots, or suck them in and fire them back out again using “vortex mode.” The player was also able to duck down behind a shield that emanated from his hologram to avoid incoming fire.

2015-10-06 10 20 56-Greenshot

The developer kit for HoloLens (i.e. not a consumer version) will be available in Q1 2016 for $3,000. When we've tried HoloLens, it's been a cool experience, but with a much more limited field of view than the video demonstrations let on.