Meridian: New World assembles a debut trailer


We were just talking about the new single-player RTS, Meridian: New World , a couple days ago, wishing we could see some footage of the newly-announced game rather than some logo-emblazoned screenshots. Well, it looks like our wish has been answered, as Elder Games has released its debut trailer for its debut game.

Despite what the trailer says, it seems like Meridian will be somewhat similar to StarCraft II's single-player campaign.You chit chat with your crew members as the story rolls along while upgrading and customizing your units as you accumulate XP. And although you could make choices that impacted the story in StarCraft II, it sounds as though Tarsoly is aiming for even greater consequences, though we've yet to see something that proves that's the case.

The out-of-place “Tired of the same bugs and templars crawling on your screen for the last 10 years?” jab aside, Meridian's trailer shows the game has some promise. “Equip your units with rocket launcher,” may not sound particularly ground-breaking, but the list of things you can slap onto your units is impressive. If the game's sole creator, Ede Tarsoly, can get the balancing right, I can see Meridian: New World being more than just a fun diversion.

The video doesn't show off any story beats, crew interaction or the promised level editor, though I suppose you have to pace yourself when the game's not due until spring or summer of next year.