Mercenary Kings devs reveal Curses 'N Chaos, a supernatural brawler for two players

From the looks of it, Curses 'N Chaos is essentially horde mode demade into a 2D, 8-bit-styled supernatural beat-'em-up, and those are some words that look very good together indeed. It's a wave-based survival game for one or two players, featuring cromulent pixel art, an equally cromulent chiptune soundtrack, and hopefully cromulent action that revolves around battering skeletons, ghosts, frogs and, well, pretty much anything that appears on screen. You'll find a bewitching video of Curses 'N Chaos beneath the break.

As IndieGames report, the game involves dispatching waves of enemies before the time runs out and Death (see above) emerges to gut you with his massive scythe. The eventual goal of the game is to raise enough money to buy a tonic that will allow you to kill the final boss, and put an end to that nasty curse that's been going around. Unrelated note: if we rebranded Earth's various influenzas as 'curses', the world would be a slightly more interesting place.

Curses 'N Chaos is the latest game from Mercenary Kings/Wizorb developers Tribute Games, and it will be out sometime this Autumn/Fall.

Tom Sykes

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