Meet the voice cast of Hades, including one of the dogs behind Cerberus

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Supergiant's games have always had excellent voice acting, going all the way back to Bastion, but never as much excellent voice acting as in Hades, with its full cast of gods and ghosts and monsters. Among those monsters is Cerberus, who is of course a very good boy, no disrespect intended. Apparently it took four dogs to portray his three heads, and one of those four, named Solo, features in the video highlighting Hades' impressive cast above.

One of the things that's impressive about them is how many actors provided the voices for such different-sounding characters. Both the seductive goddess of love, Aphrodite, and the squeaky maid named Dusa were played by Courtney Vineys, for instance, while Zagreus and Skellie were voiced by the game's composer, Darren Korb, who must have enjoyed having all those conversations with himself. Logan Cunningham, Supergiant's voice-actor-in-residence, was responsible for the Storyteller, as well as Poseidon, Asterius the minotaur, Hades himself, Achilles, and all of the grumbling Charon the shopkeeper does.

Hades has been a hit for Supergiant, selling over a million copies. Well-deserved too. Our excitable reviewer gave it a score of 90, after all.

Jody Macgregor
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