Medal of Honor: Warfighter pre-order offer teases Battlefield 4, trailer teases multiplayer

A splash screen for Medal of Honor: Warfighter popped up on Origin over the weekend offering early access to Battlefield 4, as the above grab from NeoGaf user SalsaShark demonstrates. It feels like Battlefield 3 has only been out two minutes, but a follow up is surely being planned somewhere deep inside the DICE development bunker.

The banner has since been changed and all reference to Battlefield 4 removed. VG247 spotted a tweet from the official Battlefield account that said: “Battlefield 4? If it isn't on, it isn't official!” Now that tweet seems to have been removed as all mention of Battlefield 4 is gradually purged from the web.

Battlefield 3 still has quite a way to go before it's done. The second DLC pack, Close Quarters, was released recently, and there are three more planned over the course of the next year. DICE will be under pressure to turn out a sequel quickly to keep up with Call of Duty, and now Frostbite 2 has been built, the turnaround for a new title could be as low as a couple of years with a big enough team involved. Would you rather see Battlefield 4, or Bad Company 3?

Meanwhile, there's Medal of Honor Warfighter, which can be pre-ordered on Origin now for SEVENTY DOLLARS (FIFTY POUNDS).

That's the 'digital deluxe' version, which unlocks a US Seal Team Sniper, the SAS and the Russian Spetsnaz Alfa Group Heavy Gunner. The 'limited edition' version is a bit cheaper and comes with "a day 1 early multiplayer unlock of the U.S. Navy SEAL Tier 1 Sniper" Hmm. This is going to have to be one bloody good multiplayer trailer to justify that payout. Let's see, shall we?

Tom Senior

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