Medal of Honor dev defends Taliban name change, new launch trailer

medal of honor launch trailer 3

Medal of Honor developers, Danger Close recently caved in to growing pressure , and renamed the Taliban forces. Danger Close marketing director Craig Owens spoke out recently about the reasons behind the name change. Read on for his comments, and the explosive new launch trailer.

Speaking to Joystiq , marketing director for Danger Close, Craig Owens, explained why the company chose to rename the Taliban, saying "The objection was, kind of from an older generation that doesn't understand games, that the soundbyte was 'Play as the Taliban and kill US soldiers. There still is, it seems, a group that's still a little bit leery of a game taking place around an active conflict."

"Really the big thing was playing as a Taliban killing US troops. So we basically just changed it to 'Opfor' -- which is a term they [the US Armed Forces] use, some of our competitors use -- more out of respect." Owens claimed the decision had nothing to do with the decision by Army and Airforce Exchange Service not to stock the game on army bases, saying “always been about the respect for the troops. It's not about Afghanistan. It's not about the enemy. It's about the brother beside you.”

What do you think, have Danger Close made the right decision? We'll have our Medal of Honor review on the site today.

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