Medal of Honour beta starts on June 21

At their E3 press conference in Los Angeles, EA have announced that the multiplayer beta for the new Medal of Honour game will be launched on June 21st, or even earlier for their hardest of hardcore fans. Which is a week today. Here's a good reason to get excited: the multiplayer is being made by DICE, and from we saw, it's a cross between Bad Company 2 and Modern Warfare 2.

At the show, 24 developers played on a map set in Kabul, a tight, brutal urban map where close combat was the order of the day. The interface and rewards for doing well were pure Modern Warfare. XP was awarded for stylish kills (including headshots, saving a friends, and explosive multi-kills). After kill-streaks, players landed camera guided bombs, or deployed counter-intelligence unlocks.

If you want early access to the beta - join EA's newly announced Gun Club - Battlefield VIP players will get a headstart.

We'll do everything we can to play Medal of Honour tomorrow, when the show proper opens. The game proper releases on October 12th in North America, and October 15th in Europe.