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MechWarrior Online update increases the match size for more mechanised mayhem

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MechWarrior Online continues the unstoppable march towards its official release date, and has picked up some new friends along the way. The latest patch for the free-to-play mech battler bumps the player count, with the previous 8v8 limit now raised to 12v12. Piranha have released a video, showing the effect an extra eight mechs can have on a battlefield. Hint: more lasers.

The patch - which is now live - also adds the "Golden Boy" hero mech, and introduces a "First Victory of the Day" system. Players will receive a 2x XP multiplier for their first daily win with each mech type - rewarding those prepared to cycle through multiple mechs per 24 hour cycle.

You can find the rest of the update's changelist on the MechWarrior patch page .

Thanks, PCGamesN .

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