Mass Effect: Omega DLC reveals its lady turian, Shepard's biggest post-release adventure ever

One second... and there we go, fixed. Sorry. Somehow, some grizzled bloke had managed to sneak onto that screenshot where Shepard should have been. All better now! Bioware has released three other pics for the Mass Effect: Omega DLC as well, showing off this oddly processed looking single-player pack. It's due to last about four hours, and focus on retaking pirate queen Aria T'Loak's mining station.

"The war for Omega has begun," says the website. "How far will you go to end it?

Well, to Omega, probably. Anywhere else would be kinda silly...

If you're looking forward to catching up with the crew of the Normandy again, you're out of luck. This one - depending on your character choice - sees Shepard on a girls' night out to the seediest corner of Mass Effect's universe, to familiar places like the Afterlife club and plenty of new zones. With the Normandy left behind, you partner up with Aria, seen here shooting an alien in the cock...

Now that s what I call getting blue balled

Now that's what I call getting blue-balled,

...along with newly introduced turian mercenary Nyreen Kandros, who will bring a bloodstream full of biotic powers to bear on your enemies, and no, will not be romanceable. Sorry, turian shippers. Together, they'll take back Aria's home, with your Paragon and Renegade choices determining exactly why, fight four new types of enemies, and 'strike a devastating blow to the Illusive Man's plans'. True, plans he's never bothered mentioning before, but no doubt sneaky and important plans nevertheless.

Turian or Sith Not long until we find out

Turian or Sith? Not long until we find out...

For fairly obvious reasons, Omega takes place before the end of Mass Effect 3, and isn't likely to make even the slightest difference to it. We can assume there'll be a couple of new War Assets that you don't need, and lots of talk about the importance of this mission, which will be exactly zero. Still, Omega is the obvious place for Shepard to return to before saving the universe, with the story continuing on from the tie-in comic Mass Effect: Invasion and tying up one of the game's last big plot threads.

Check out the pics here. The mission to recapture Omega starts on November 27th. Complaints about Bioware, EA and the game's controversial ending almost certainly start... now!