Mass Effect: Andromeda will not feature cross-platform multiplayer

The Mass Effect series returns with Andromeda in March, and when it does, it's bringing multiplayer back with it. While there wasn't much reason to think Andromeda would include cross-platform multiplayer between PC, Xbox One, and PS4, producer Fernando Melo has confirmed on Twitter that there are no current plans to implement the feature.

Additionally, when asked if Andromeda's multiplayer would feature dedicated servers, Melo said that it was peer-to-peer like Mass Effect 3.

As for cross-platform play, Gears of War 4 recently added the feature in Social Quickplay. While you can't stick it to console players in Core and Competitive modes, it's awesome that it was implemented at all, especially when multiplayer games tend to lose their playerbase over time. A game like Titanfall 2 could benefit significantly from something like this.

Mass Effect: Andromeda releases on March 21. A new trailer was recently released, alongside a new briefing video that introduces us to the Pathfinder Team. Speaking of that briefing video, we believe it may hint at an interesting connection to the original trilogy. The trailers also revealed the face of Alec Ryder, the father to the game's two protagonists. PC Gamer's Tyler Wilde is pretty sure he dies, and you can find out why here.