Mass Effect: Andromeda romance guide

Not being the most loyal spacefarers, we have flirted with everyone in Mass Effect: Andromeda. Everyone we have the option to flirt with, at least. And we're pretty sure we haven't missed anyone, because we are prolific space flirts. (We also reviewed the game, tested the performance, and agreed to disagree on many points, so don't think us purely carnal.)

This guide will tell you who you can initiate a romance with, whether they're open to Sara, Scott, or either Ryder, as well as a few details about how to get on their good side. Spoilers ahead, obviously, but we've avoided being completely explicit about how each relationship plays out so you can experience it yourself. It takes a lot of hours to go down every path, so admittedly we don't know how they all conclude yet. Mysteries! We'll update this guide as we keep playing.

General tips

Unlike the previous games, Andromeda clearly marks flirtatious dialogue options with a big heart, unless you turn the icons off. That doesn't mean love is transparent, though. There are multiple steps and conditions to each relationship, and if unmet you may become close friends, but not romantic friends.

Feel free to flirt with everyone at first. You'll have the option to commit once your relationship develops, and flirting with one character won't hurt your chances with another, as far as we can tell. The basic structure of most of Andromeda's relationships looks like this:

  1. Introductions: Your first conversation on the Tempest or elsewhere. There's usually an opportunity to throw a wink in here.
  2. Mission reactions: Keep talking after main story missions, and you can add a few more nudges in, which may be necessary to take things further later. Also, look for characters when you're on shore leave at the Nexus or on planets, and make sure to talk to them.
  3. Loyalty mission: Each squadmate has a personal mission you can accompany them on. Afterward, they'll probably want to talk. More flirting!
  4. Invitation: After their loyalty missions, characters will invite you to meet up somewhere in galaxy, and this is where you may have a chance to start a relationship, as long as you've been making your feelings known and haven't committed to anyone else.

Not all of Andromeda's relationships play out like this. Characters who don't leave the ship, or aren't on the ship, have slightly different paths. Here's what we know about all of them:



Who can romance: Male Ryder

While Cora is resentful of your father's decision, you can deflect the tension with unsubtle remarks early on. Flirt with Cora three times on the Tempest—she's usually in the Bio Lab—by speaking after each main story mission. You can also find her in Director Tann's office on the Nexus. After completing Cora's loyalty mission, meet up with her on Eos. If you're single and you've been dropping lots of hints, the relationship will develop from there.


Who can romance: Female Ryder

The truth is that none of us pursued Liam's romance storyline. He's not our type, apparently. But it follows the same structure as the others. Introduce yourself on the Tempest and you'll have the option to flirt. Help him out with his movie night, hang out with him when he's off ship on the Nexus and Aya, and complete his loyalty mission by establishing outposts. After that, he'll invite you to meet at Podromos, where you can commit.


Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

Vetra cares about family first, but she's open to some romantic space companionship, too. Flirt on the Tempest after main missions, and when you get to Aya, find Vetra in the marketplace and give her another nudge. After you complete her loyalty mission, speak to her in the armory and let her know you care. Later, she'll suggest a meeting place on Kadara. Make sure she's in your squad and drive to the waypoint. If all has gone right, you'll have the option to take things further there. The romance continues back on the Tempest, after completing more missions.


Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

PeeBee isn't interested in settling down when you meet her, but she's up for a fling. Talk to her in the escape pod after she joins the Tempest, and then a couple more times later—you can find her hanging out near the back of the ship. One of the dialogue options is literally 'flirting.' Do that, obviously. 

When it comes up, help PeeBee out with her secret project by taking her to find parts on Voeld. Keep on talking, and she'll email and ask you to meet up with her in the museum on Aya. After that encounter, meet her in the escape pod again and make a choice. However it goes, you can continue the relationship from there by completing her loyalty mission.


Who can romance: Female Ryder only

Jaal's a chatty one, so there are plenty of opportunities to flirt after he joins your crew. If you have dialogue icons turned on, you'll notice something different: rather than a heart for flirting when speaking to Jaal, you'll see two figures holding hands, which suggests a close friendship. Keep at it, though, and the tone of your conversations will change. After completing Jaal's loyalty mission, check your email and head to Havarl.

Be aware, in one of our playthroughs an off-ship tryst seems to have blocked the romantic storyline with Jaal from proceeding—not being able to see the variables flip makes it hard to say if that's definitely what did it, though.

[Tempest crew]


Who can romance: Male Ryder only

Gil's a pretty forward guy, and doesn't need a lot of convincing. Flirt with him when you first meet on the Tempest, after your landing on Aya, and after major story missions—at least three times. It probably helps to play poker with him, too. After Hunting the Archon, Gil will email you an invite to meet up on Eos. Go find him.


Who can romance: Female Ryder only

Suvi is hard to forget, because you see her and Kallo each time you head to the galaxy map. Her path is simple: just keep talking and flirting. Eventually, she'll invite you to take a break, transitioning into a scene in your quarters. You'll have the opportunity to take things further there, so long as you haven't committed to anyone else.



Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

Keri is the journalist who's always bugging you for an interview. Because you're the least professional person in the galaxy, you can flirt with her during your interviews. Just make sure to show up for each. They become available after each main mission and start with you reading Keri's email. Every now and then we'd stop at the Nexus with no word from her, then leave, only to get her email while back on the ship—so be sure to check before moving on. She doesn't seem bothered by whatever you've been up to in space, so it doesn't have to be exclusive. It isn't clear if this fling affects other relationships, though.


Who can romance: Male Ryder only

Talk to Avela immediately after your first encounter on Aya—she's waiting on the docks with your first opportunity to flirt. Later, you'll find her in the museum on Aya. Complete her missions, starting with 'Recovering the Past' on Havarl, and you'll have more opportunities to become close. It won't end in anything raunchy, though.

Reyes Vidal

Who can romance: Female or male Ryder

You first meet Reyes on Kadara, and can develop a relationship from there. Once you've completed your primary task with him, scan the dead body in Kadara Port and meet Reyes in the nightclub in the slums to talk about the murder—the best way to kick off a romance. Note: In one playthrough, kissing Reyes seems to have blocked romance progression for other characters. 

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