Mass Effect: Andromeda PC update fixes black screen bug, sound issues, and more

A heads-up to everyone playing Mass Effect: Andromeda on the PC: BioWare has rolled out an update that promises to fix a number of issues plaguing the game, including problems with the Corsair Utility Engine, multiplayer sounds, and the function keys.  There are no detailed patch notes, but producer Fernando Melo gave a quick rundown of what's what on Twitter late last night. 

Melo also said that "server side changes are incoming" that should fix problems with some Challenges that can not (or could not, depending on when you read this) be finished, and that more updates are in the works and will be rolled out shortly—possibly even today or tomorrow. 

That's good news: We didn't encounter any show-stoppers when we played Andromeda for our review, but "incorrect audio cues, errant quest notifications and a persistent bug with companions being quiet during conversations speak to a much-needed quality assurance pass that never happened."

In less good news, BioWare also announced on Twitter that it has taken the Apex leaderboards offline while it works on ratings calculations. You'll still be able to see your own Apex ratings, but BioWare warned that it may be lowered—possibly "significantly"—once the changes are made. 

Andy Chalk

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