Mass Effect: Andromeda drops Denuvo, thanks to latest patch

Mass Effect: Andromeda's latest patch was set to improve stability and facial animations, but it seems like it also did something else that we weren't aware of at the time of the update's reveal. DSOGaming has discovered that since the release of patch 1.09, Andromeda's Denuvo anti-tamper technology has completely disappeared.

It's not clear if this was done intentionally, but it's not a new thing for developers to remove DRM, only to re-add it in a future patch. And while Andromeda doesn't feature Denuvo at this time, it still has DRM in the form of Origin.

We've contacted EA to ask for comment on Denuvo's removal and will report back if we receive any information.

If Andromeda's abandonment of Denuvo is permanent, it wouldn't be the first game to rid itself of the anti-tamper technology. The now independent IO Interactive recently removed it from Hitman, while Rime publisher Grey Box ditched it after it was cracked in just five days.