Mass Effect 4 development images have mostly been obscured by Mass Effect 4 developers

As a jerk, I'm tempted to shout "HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT THIS IMPORTANT NEWS ABOUT THE NEXT MASS EFFECT." If you want that, though, you're going to need to leave this website, get into a time machine, and travel a year or so into the future. What we have here is good ol', entirely inconsequential teasers. A series of pictures were tweeted over November 7th (or "N7 Day" as BioWare so desperately want people to rechristen it), showing Mass Effect developers working on a Mass Effect game. If you really, really squint, you might even see a tiny bit of some new Mass Effect.

In order of tweeting, then.

"The next chapter of Mass Effect is upon us!!" Upon them? Yes. Upon us? Not so much.

"...with new characters to fall in love with..." the tweet-fest continues, showing us concept art of a new character who is growing an artist out the left side of his body.

" enemies to encounter..." is a pretty mean way to refer to one of your staff members, guys.

...and new worlds to explore!"

And that is all the Mass Effect news we're likely to get for a while.

Thanks, IGN .

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