Mass Effect 3 collector's edition trailer reveals returning character

[VAMS id="CWky3S080bBdR"]

The Mass Effect 3 collector's edition trailer has inadvertently revealed the return of one of Mass Effect 2's main cast. The appearance is brief, but thankfully PC Gamer's Chris Thursten has the eyes of a hawk and the soul of a nerd and spotted it right away.

For those who consider it a spoiler, we don't name the character up here, but you can find a screenshot and a name beneath the cut.

Yes, it's everyone's favourite surly convict, Jack! Only with hair! And slightly more clothes!

Despite initial marketing convincing me I would hate Jack, she eventually grew to me one of my favourite characters in Mass Effect 3. Talking to her enough made me realise she's surprisingly vulnerable beneath the rough, tough criminal facade. Then we did the horizontal tango in the captain's quarters. I have no regrets.

Can you spot any other hints in the trailer? Let us know in the comments!