Mass Effect 2 The Arrival DLC will have Shepard fighting alone

Mass Effect 2 - The Arrival arrives

Commander Shepard will be flying solo for the final slice of Mass Effect 2 DLC. The Arrival will see you journey to the very edge of charted space to help out an operative with early intelligence on an imminent Reaper invasion, but none of your companions will tag along for the ride. It looks as though Bioware are planning a challenging end to the last piece of Mass Effect 2 DLC with plenty of combat and not much conversation.

Joystiq have taken an early look at The Arrival. The mission will be playable any time after the Horizon mission that takes place halfway through the game, and is described by Bioware as "kind of an epilogue." Joystiq point out that there will be plenty of combat, and the grumpy, four-eyed Batarians will be the ones taking your bullets.

The solo nature of the mission will mean added challenge for those playing with an Engineer Shepard, or any poorly-armoured class. Luckily, there will be stealth options that will let you get around a few fights. It doesn't sound as though there will be much in the way of conversation or choices to make, and the mission isn't going to link Mass Effect 2 to Mass Effect 3, though it should shed more light on the Reaper threat that's poised to strike.

The Arrival is coming out next Tuesday March 29.

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