Mark Hamill is the "Old Man" in new Squadron 42 teaser

Mark Hamill Star Citizen

Mark Hamill graces the cover of this month's PC Gamer magazine, and we got to have a nice chat with him on the set of Squadron 42, the single-player campaign in Star Citizen. And now we can finally "meet the Old Man" (that's him, believe it or not) in a new Star Citizen teaser.

The trailer is only about 32 seconds long, and Hamill appears in it for roughly ten percent of that time, but it's still a fun little bit of promotional cinema. More interesting, though, is the "behind-the-scenes" video below, that demonstrates the mo-cap process in action. It's just too bad that we don't get to see more of the final (or near-final) product than what's in the teaser. I continue to hold out hope that someday, we will.

Andy Chalk

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