Mark Hamill is the "Old Man" in new Squadron 42 teaser

Mark Hamill graces the cover of this month's PC Gamer magazine, and we got to have a nice chat with him on the set of Squadron 42, the single-player campaign in Star Citizen. And now we can finally "meet the Old Man" (that's him, believe it or not) in a new Star Citizen teaser.

The trailer is only about 32 seconds long, and Hamill appears in it for roughly ten percent of that time, but it's still a fun little bit of promotional cinema. More interesting, though, is the "behind-the-scenes" video below, that demonstrates the mo-cap process in action. It's just too bad that we don't get to see more of the final (or near-final) product than what's in the teaser. I continue to hold out hope that someday, we will.