Mark Hamill talks Star Citizen, Wing Commander and Star Wars

Mark Hamill Star Citizen

Last month Squadron 42's sparkling cast was revealed. Gary Oldman, Gillian Anderson, John Rhys-Davies and Mark Hamill all take leading roles in Star Citizen's single player campaign. PC Gamer's Chris Thursten sat down with Hamill for a chat about Star Citizen, Wing Commander, Hamill's fear of getting the Joker part, the joy of sci-fi fandom and, of course, Star Wars.

On the latter, here's a nugget from his discussion about non-disclosure agreements and that plot twist in The Empire Strikes Back. Spoilers ahead if you haven't seen the original trilogy.

"I have something coming out where there's an amount of money that if it leaks because of me, I don't get that payment. If I keep it a secret until the day it comes out, I get that payment.

"I'm good about keeping secrets. I'm proud of the fact that I knew a year and a half before anybody else that he was actually dad-Vader. I didn't even tell Harrison, or my wife, because I thought it would be terrible if she said "you know what" to a fan and it got out, because [Empire Strikes Back director] Irvin Kershner said 'I know something, I'm going to tell you. George [Lucas] knows, I know and now I'm gonna tell you, and if it leaks, we'll know it's you', because the line originally was 'you don't know the truth, Obi Wan killed your father' and he said 'we're going to take that line out and put in 'I am your father'.

"I thought, well first of all if Sir Alec Guinness is the real villain, that's a pretty good twist in and of itself, but this is even better. I couldn't believe it. I was so excited. It was a mind-boggling plot twist."

In Star Citizen's Squadron 42 single-player module, Hamill stars as Lt. Commander Steve 'Old Man' Colton—reuniting him with Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts. More details on Squadron 42 will be revealed on Star Citizen's Twitch channel today. There's plenty more from the cast and Star Citizen's creators in the next issue of PC Gamer, out in the UK November 20 (tomorrow!), and December 8th in the US. Here's a peek at the UK cover:

Star Citizen PCG cover


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