Maple Story invaded by aliens

Aliens have come to Maple Story and they're hellbent on destroying everything we hold dear in our little 2D hearts. Alliance Unbound, the game's latest update, has caused supernatural earthquakes to demolish the landscape of New Leaf City. Players will have to band together and join the Alliance to find the cause and fight off the evil space invaders. The plan: harness their technology and use it against them. Didn't I see Will Smith do this once?

The list of updates in Alliance Unbound is lengthy, although most of the new content is meant for players level 90+. The update introduces a new armor upgrade system that lets you attached magical gems (made with alien tech) to armor and weapons. The magical Ellin Forest, a high level area accessible via Helios Tower, has been revamped from the ground up with a bunch of new monsters, two new bosses, an updated layout, and over 30 new quests.

Alliance Unbound isn't all about high level content. Level 15+ players will be able to participate in new Alliance quests that give out some powerful new weapons to help you kill and level faster. Combined with the improved leveling speed (I easily hit 30 in under 1.5 hours), if you're desperate to kick some alien ass, you should be able to reach the new quest line in a few hours.

The game is free, so go to the website and prepare to throw the alien trash back into space where it belongs.