Here are all the Man of Medan endings

Man of Medan endings
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There are loads of Man of Medan endings. Seriously, the video further down this article documenting all of them comes to the best part of 50 minutes. True to unapologetically schlocky horror form, Supermassive Games offer you (and your online/couch co-op buddy, if you have one) an abundance of death-deciding decisions that will seal the fate of this impossibly attractive group.

With the complex of web of narratives weaving around you in mind, it can be tough to discern how your choices lead to the denouement you get. While it's not an exact science, here we've detailed how to approach each key dilemma, what you should choose to get the good or 'best' ending in Man of Medan, and what the other conclusions are.

How to get the best ending in Man of Medan

The best ending—assuming you like the characters, or you're at least not a complete misanthrope—is for as many people to survive as possible. That's Alex, Brad, Julia, Conrad, Fliss, and Junior making it to the credits without descending to a watery grave.

To get them all out alive your playthrough has to be immaculate. Nail every QTE. Hold your nerve through all pulse events. Also, you know those beastly monsters and ghosts trying to brutally off you? Fight your instinct to give them a taste of their own medicine and turn the other cheek: they are actually your friends. You're shaking off the nightmarish throes of Manchurian Gold hallucinations.

So, with all that in mind, here are the key decisions you must make:

  • Conrad must stay on the Duke, not attempt to steal the pirate speedboat.
  • Ensure Fliss and Brad aren't killed by their friends.
  • Alex must propose to Julia and, in Dive, the latter must survive. In Dive, Julia must also not surface too quickly.
  • In Intrusion, keep Brad hidden on the ship.
  • Later, in Finding Friends, have Brad search the ship and locate the gas mask.
  • In Ritual, make sure Fliss goes outside for some fresh air.
  • Take the rebreather before leaving the radio room. You need it to prove to Junior the mist is inside him and can be removed.
  • In Lower Decks, recover the wedding ring from Danny's corpse.

So, if you've followed each of those stages when they occur and execute each QTE properly, Alex should be able to return the ring to Julia, and your now-not-so-merry band can board the Duke of Milan and leave the ghost ship behind. Happy days—well until the next Dark Pictures story, Little Hope, that is.

Anyway, in the video above you can see the good, bad, and some undoubtedly ugly Man of Medan endings, just in case you're curious to see what you missed. And, if you missed our verdict on the first game in the anthology, check out our Man of Medan review.

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