Make your own Star Wars: The Old Republic loading screen

Star Wars The Old Republic loading screen

If you've been playing Star Wars: The Old Republic as much as we have, you'll probably be sick of seeing the same old loading screen. Friend of PC Gamer, Andy Kelly pointed us at this Reddit thread , in which TOR fan, rainer511 has made a layered PSD image that will let you slot an image of your choosing into the loading screen slot.

Once you've created your new loading screen, rename it LoadingScreen.jpg and replace the image found in Program files/Electronic Arts/Bioware/Star Wars - The Old Republic/swtor/retailclient/LoadingScreens. You'll find a few created by Andy as examples below, showing himself, Owen on a speeder, and The Mint Imperials guild leader Rich McCormick staring angrily into space in the third one. Click to see 'em full size.

Tom Senior

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