Maia lets backers choose its final stretch goal

Sci-fi god game Maia is holding a vote to see which of two options backers would like to see implemented as its final stretch goal. Should the recently funded Kickstarter campaign hit the £200,000 mark, Maia's creator, Simon Roth, will either use the game's engine to create a roguelike shooter, or add in three "entirely new" game modes.

The first option is described as "top down shooter RPG," which will use procedural generation to create a roguelike-like minigame. "Think Alien Swarm or Alien Breed. You are an imp bot sent in to failed colonies on Maia, rescuing survivors, retrieving science and killing a whole lot of aggressive aliens."

Alternatively, three game modes will be added, each with their own music and graphics. They include a dead world, with no plants, animals or atmosphere; a frozen planet that will contain "terrifying things waiting to be thawed"; and an ocean planet, which will challenge you to build a base under the sea.

But receiving either hinges on the game making an extra £70,000 by midday tomorrow. Even with the usual last-day flurry of support, that's a big target to hit. If you're feeling optimistic, you can vote on which option you'd like to see Maia take on by leaving a comment on this update page . Using the scientifically proven method of looking at a couple of pages of votes, it would appear that the new game modes are overwhelmingly the most popular choice. Which would you like to see make it into the game?

Phil Savage

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