MachiaVillain is The Sims meets Dungeon Keeper meets Rimworld

Wild Factor and Gambitious Entertainment have unveiled MachiaVillain—a civilian/undead management sim that's said to be inspired by "classic gaming experiences" such as Dungeon Keeper, as well as age-old horror cinema tropes. It's due this autumn and celebrates the reveal with a trailer. 

The aim of MachiaVillain is pretty simple: construct an estate, lure unsuspecting locals inside, snare them in traps (a personal favourite), and ultimately "slay by the rules." All of which involves the following: 

"Assemble and manage a menagerie of monstrous minions, balancing their unique traits, needs and fighting styles, then customize the mansion to make them feel at home," says Gambitious. "Players can use resources from the environment and leftover body parts from dismembering to craft new items to help keep the manor safe from supernatural creatures and monster hunters who would threaten to topple their gruesome ascent to glory."

Back to those rules, the key to success in crafting your mansions "from harmless houses to nightmarish palaces of terrors" is hinged on the following: 

1) You must kill all of your unwitting detainees. 
2) You can only kill them when they're alone—unless they're having sex. 
3) You must kill the virgin last. 
4) You can only massacre at night. 
5) Do not kill the dog. Ever. 

What happens if you do? Who knows, but I'm sure we'll find out when MachiaVillain arrives in later this year. More information can be found via the game's Steam page