Befriend a rad dragon that turns into a skateboard in this stylish Chinese action RPG

Lost Soul Aside, a fantastic-looking action RPG from Chinese studio UltiZeroGames, has resurfaced with 18 minutes of new gameplay.

If you hadn't heard of this game before don't worry, because neither had I—which is nuts because this game looks right up my alley. Lost Soul Aside was originally announced back in 2016, as a one-man project from Chinese developer Yang Bing. According to industry analyst Daniel Ahmad, the project now has a team of around thirty people thanks to Sony's China Hero Project program.

These eighteen minutes are the first real look anyone has really had at the game, with development being very quiet in the five years since the announcement. It looks pretty nuts though, reminiscent of Final Fantasy 15's outrageously stylish combat.

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It looks like protagonist Kazer can wield a variety of different weapons, which are all different forms taken on by his crystal dragon-headed companion. The dragon can also transform into a pair of wings, giant arms, and a rad skateboard—yes, really. It all looks very stylish and fast-paced, and something I'm looking forward to seeing more of in the future.

As an added bonus, the composer for Resident Evil 2 and Devil May Cry 5 is also heading up the soundtrack for Lost Soul Aside. Cody Matthew Johnson made the announcement on Twitter, saying "the development team has been a dream to collaborate with & I can't wait to share more!"

There's no solid release date yet nor a confirmation of the game hitting PC, with the team saying they "cannot answer about released platforms yet." The game's getting shown at this week's PlayStation China Showcase though, so fingers crossed we'll get some good news.

Mollie Taylor
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