Lost Ark is getting its first legion raid and more modern clothes this month

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Fashion-forward Korean MMO Lost Ark is infamous for its legion raids, endgame activities in which teams of players have to work together through complicated multi-phase boss fights. April's roadmap suggested a "tentative" May release for the first Legion Raid, against the demon commander Valtan, which has now been confirmed by Amazon Games

"As Legion Raids are challenging and take time," Amazon writes, "there are gates (or checkpoints) that will save player's progress as they advance through the Raid. Valtan is an eight-player Legion raid, has 2 gates, and introduces a swathe of new mechanics. Players will need to be item level 1415 to attempt normal difficulty, and 1445 for hard."

The Valtan raid also introduces a new rarity tier. Crafting materials earned in the raid can be turned into relic gear, which includes accessories with more engraving nodes on them. That may not sound super impactful, but in Korea it changed the viable builds for some advanced classes. The DPS paladin build, for instance, relies on relic gear.

May's update will also add more skins, which is something players have been clamoring for. (The western release of Lost Ark has been a rare MMO that feels like it should be selling more cosmetics.) Alongside regular additions to the store, a limited-time shop called Neria's Wardrobe will offer some more modern-looking clothes items including t-shirts, jeans, and snapback caps. Here's a trailer for some of the modern fashion from the Korean release.

The thing I'm most excited about is tucked away in the "quality of life updates" section: front and back attack indicators. Lines indicating exactly where the relevant part of a boss's hitbox begin and end would be helpful in both landing counters (which have to be aimed at the front), and skills that do more damage to an enemy's head or butt. It seems like a small thing, but with Guardians like the evil tree Levanos and other blobby bosses, facing can be surprisingly unclear. I'd love to see precise hitbox circles for players added next.

Other quality of life changes in this update include "the ability to check daily & weekly content participation in a new menu, UI updates, improved party finder & party invites, updated loot dismantling, convenience features for Market/Auction House, and a few fun features, like being able to randomly summon favorited mounts and new hairstyles for customization!" A menu for tracking all the daily and weekly stuff in Lost Ark would be a godsend, so that's another nice addition.

The May update is also bringing the previously announced destroyer advanced class and Deskaluda Guardian Raid, Challenge Guardian Raids, new guild activities including PvP island sieges, more activities for the recently added continent of South Vern, and Wild Wings Island. It's another weird event island, one where you fight a giant chicken, I guess? From the update: "Seeking revenge for eating their friends and family, Crispy Golden Chickings are planning to raid the island. Players turn into a chicken or beer to battle the Chicking boss to earn event coins." OK, sure.

The Crispy Golden Chicking boss

(Image credit: Amazon Games)
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