Lords of the Fallen release date moves up a bit


You will likely have noticed, if Lords of the Fallen is your thing, that we have said at least twice that the game is scheduled to come out on Halloween, that being October 31. That was correct, but only partially so: In North America, it was actually slated to launch a few days earlier. And now the European date has changed as well.

Square Enix confirmed with VideoGamer.com earlier today that Lords of the Fallen will actually release in Europe on October 28, the same day as the North American release. The publisher didn't reveal any reason for the change, but sooner is better than later—although three days is hardly what I'd call a game-changer.

And if the grim, Dark Souls-esque action-RPG Lords of the Fallen hasn't thus far been your thing but you're reading this anyway, you can check out a couple of hours of gameplay by way of GamesRadar's hands-on preview, featuring our very own Tyler. We'll have a proper, full-on review up within the next couple of days.

Andy Chalk

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