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Little Big Adventure is free today on GOG


1994's Little Big Adventure is a game about a kind of oblong-faced dude journeying out into a world full of danger, wonder and anthropomorphic elephants and asking, "uhh... how's it going?" It is very French, and as such, the perfect choice for GOG's "Vive la France" promo. From now until tomorrow, 8 November, at 7:59am GMT, it's available for free (opens in new tab). (Update: you can grab it for free from the front page.)

The promo has launched to celebrate GOG (opens in new tab) now being available to browse in French. In addition to the free game, there's also a weekend sale (opens in new tab). It includes heavy discounts on David Cage's Fahrenheit (opens in new tab), the Syberia series, and Little Big Adventure's even better sequel.

The sale ends on Tuesday, 11 November.

Phil Savage
Phil Savage

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