Lineage II embracing free-to-play "later this year," putting no limits on non-paying players


These are strange times we live in. "Free" no longer means free. It's simply code for "Your monetization scheme is in another castle." Thankfully, up hasn't become down yet, and left and right are still in working order - but really, it's only a matter of time at this point.

Thankfully, NCSoft's Lineage II is among the few attempting to stave off the topsy-turvy future. When its Goddess of Destruction expansion takes the game free-to-play "later this year" (via Gamasutra ), it won't be plotting alternate courses right into your bank account. Free players will actually have access to, well, everything. No tiers, no red tape, no strange inability to comprehend mailboxes. Items purchasable with real money, meanwhile, will provide added convenience and cosmetic benefits.