LG's beautiful 97-inch OLED TV wants you to ditch those ugly cables

LG Signature Series M3
(Image credit: LG)

At CES 2023, LG showed off the "world's first wireless OLED TV." This massive 97-inch TV can receive 4K/120Hz video and audio signals from across the room wirelessly, freeing it of unsightly HDMI cables. 

It all uses LG's propriety Zero Connect technology. It's a separate box with all the HDMI ports you'd expect for gaming consoles, cable boxes, and even a gaming PC. It can connect wirelessly to soundbars, giving you the flexibility to set up your entertainment center unmarred by cable length. 

An LG rep told our friends at Tom's Guide that the Zero Connect box can be set up 30 feet away without losing any signal quality as long as the box has a line of sight on the TV. So much for stashing the box in a closet or something, but still impressive. 

The M3 has voice controls, so you can tell it to change inputs. As far as the latest is concerned, LG said to the site that it would be “much lower than 20ms” and “almost imperceptible.” While that won't make a difference when watching a movie, gamers might notice a bit of latency when playing something. 

The box has three HDMI 2.1 ports, two USB ports, optical out, and Ethernet, as well as a coaxial connector for cable set-top boxes. It has a rotatable antenna to ensure that the TV receives maximum signal strength. The box will automatically switch the signal's path to combat signal disruptions like people walking by or a curious cat. 

One of the cooler features is its 'One Wall Design,' a unique wall mounting system that lets you put up the massive display in a way that leaves almost no gap from the wall. It looks like a big fancy painting you can watch Netflix on. 

LG told Tom's Guide that the M3 being shown at CES is a pre-production model so the final specs and design are subject to change, although the 4K 120Hz panel would remain the same. There is no price or release date yet. 


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