LG's 48-inch OLED gaming TV with G-Sync support is available to preorder for $1,500

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LG has been on the the forefront of the OLED TV revolution, if you want to call it that, and its newest entry is a 48-inch display built specifically for gamers. The only caveat is the price—it carries a $1,499 MSRP.

That largely reflects the underlying OLED technology. For comparison, you can buy a 75-inch LCD TV for under a grand these days. If you want to play in OLED territory, however, you'll need to bring a bigger budget.

Incidentally, LG's new 48CX model is the smallest OLED TV the company offers. Every other OLED TV is 55 inches or bigger.

This is a 4K display with a native 120Hz refresh rate and variable refresh rate support. It lacks a built-in G-Sync hardware module, but is nevertheless G-Sync Compatible, meaning it has been certified by Nvidia to play nice in G-Sync mode with modern GeForce hardware. It also supports AMD's similar FreeSync technology, though LG notes in fine print that it requires a software update and "may not be available at the time of purchase."

We have high hopes for this panel, as we consider LG's larger 65-inch OLED65E9PUA model to be the best gaming TV. The CX series is a slightly different category, though over at Rtings, the 55-inch version was found to deliver "amazing all-around performance" and was "exceptional for playing video games."

Anyone who wants to take a leap of faith that the 48-inch version will offer the same (or similar) performance can preorder one from B&H Photo for $1,496.99.

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