League of Legends pro team threatened to take player's mother's house


E-sports has provided no shortage of controversy of late, most notably with CS:GO's match-fixing scandals and one League of Legends tournament's bizarre attempt at equality. League of Legends pro team Meet Your Makers is now under the spotlight, thanks to the revelations of LCS player Marcin "Kori" Wolski—who recently returned to the team after a mysterious two-week departure.

The Daily Dot report that Wolski left the team due to a dispute involving months of pay owed by his former team Supa Hot Crew—a team linked to MYM through the company AK3 GmbH. A number of current and former MYM staff are employees of AK3, and Wolski said he was worried about similar issues with his new team.

More dramatic is what happened afterwards. Wolski recorded a call between himself and MYM manager Sebastian "Falli" Rotterdam. During the call—published by The Daily Dot's Richard Lewis—Rotterdam pleads with Wolski. Later in the call, Rotterdam threatens Wolski's mother—saying that, because she signed Wolski's contract, he would ensure that she lost her house.

Following the call, Wolski contacted Riot, and Rotterdam issued the following statement to TDD:

"I admit I made a big mistake with saying this to kori. This Situation was crazy. A Player is leaving the Team one day before LCS starts. I was stressed in this situation and i agree i should not say something like this. I never said such stuff before to a player. I will offer MYM to leave the Organisation and step down from my job. The MYM Management was not aware of me saying this. I wanted to protect the other players cause the situation was looking bad for them and i made a huge mistake. MYM is not working like that it was me making a big mistake! I would like to Apologize to Kori and his mother at this point. Big Sorry!”

As for Wolski's return, the player learned that if he left, he would be unable to play for any other team for the duration of his contract—essentially removing him from the scene until January 2016. As such, he re-appeared as part of MYM's starting line-up last week.

You can see more statements from all parties over at The Daily Dot's full report.

Phil Savage

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