Lance Reddick reads a Destiny 2 meme as Zavala, and it's pretty fantastic

Lance Reddick
(Image credit: Lance Reddick (Twitter))

Lance Reddick has appeared in all kinds of movies and television shows, from Duck Tales to John Wick, but to a particular subset of gamers he—or rather, his distinctive voice—may be most immediately recognizable as Zavala, the stern, over-enunciating Titan Vanguard of the Destiny games. Yesterday, one of those gamers shared a Destiny 2 meme on Twitter and said they would love to heard Reddick read it in Zavala's voice—and Reddick did.

The meme is based on the recent Season of the Chosen trailer, in which Empress Caiatl proposes an alliance with the Guardians—with some conditions, of course. In the video, the taciturn Zavala simply says "no" to the proposal, but the meme dives deep into a fanfic rant about why exactly he's not interested in teaming up.

It's not a great meme (too overwritten for my tastes) and the diatribe isn't something you'd expect Zavala to ever say, but it's lots of fun to hear Reddick reading it out in that deep, drawn-out baritone, especially when he hits high notes like "wielding the Darkness to clap ass in new ways." I quit playing Destiny 2 a long time ago but if they made that canon I'd be mighty tempted to come back.

Naturally, Reddick's rendition has attracted a few Zavala memes in response:

Sometimes, social media isn't all bad.

Thanks, Kotaku.

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