Kingdom Come: Deliverance shows off branching narratives, interrogation, bloody murder

Announced in late 2013, Kingdom Come: Deliverance was first expected two years later. It's now due February 13, 2018, has since grown considerably in scope, and has now dropped a trailer that showcases how its interrogation system, branching narratives and melee combat ties together. 

Before now, developer Warhorse Studios has shown us how its realistic fighting works, how its stories unfold, and the important role of player choice, in a handful of individual trailers—however the following nine-minute video outlines how each process flows into the next. 

Have a gander: 

With that, Warhorse shows off how protagonist Henry can behave diplomatically by talking through his obstacles, stealthily by creeping around and eavesdropping on NPCs, or aggressively by chopping down everything and everyone that crosses his path. 

Since it was first announced, the developer has stressed how important decision making is in Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and how every choice has consequences. This is hardly something new within the open world RPG genre, however I'm most interested to see just how far Warhorse are able to push the envelope—against popular genre and era-similar games like, say, The Witcher 3. 

I guess I'll find out when Kingdom Come: Deliverance lands in February 13 next year. Check out our coverage of the game over the last four years. The game' Steam page is over here.