Kickstarter raises over $500 million for games

Kickstarter has raised over $500 million for games. Over half a billion dollars. I still remember the before time—2010, when crowdfunding was asking your mates to chip in for one last pint.

An infographic released by Kickstarter to mark the occasion reveals that $265m  went on tabletop games, kicked off by the infamous Cards Against Humanity. £49 million was given to 'other' gaming projects, leaving $186 million for videogames.

I'd forgotten how many massive games had their start in the pockets of the people: Elite Dangerous, Shadowrun Returns, Broken Age and Pillars of Eternity to name very few.

The question is, now that crowdfunding isn't a novelty in itself, how long will the next $500m take? And when it comes, will the honour roll be be awash with innovative indies or dominated by the same big names?