Kerbal Space Program developer announces mod hosting partnership with Curse

Squad, the developer of the excellent space-flight sim Kerbal Space Program , has just announced that it will partner with to set up a new database for its active modding community . The existing website, the Kerbal Spaceport, will no longer be accepting mods, and community members will transfer their work over to the new site.

The functional-but-not-great database at Kerbal Spaceport has been a source of friction in the community, even as it grew and created a lot of great content. Squad told us in December that they were looking for a new home for its modders, but they couldn't confirm anything at the time. “Modders have helped make Kerbal Space Program a more open, more rewarding game experience for our players,” Squad chief operating officer Adrian Goya wrote in a press release. “Curse is an important partner because their team is passionate and experienced in caring for and growing online game communities, such as our amazing playerbase for Kerbal Space Program.”

For any PC game that prides itself on a huge, open, explorable world, mods are essential to keeping players coming back and talking about the game. Skyrim is the most famous example of this principle, and it's only working with a single region of one continent. With the entire universe at its disposal, Kerbal Space Program has that much more room for great community content.