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Kenshi's community can decide the fate of an Unreal Engine port

(Image credit: Kenshi)

Kenshi, Lo-Fi Games' eccentric sandbox RPG, left Early Access almost a year ago, but the developer has started work on a new version. This has become a distraction from work on Kenshi 2, however, so Lo-Fi Games' CEO is asking the community to help him decide how to proceed. 

Lo-Fi recently announced that it's switched to Unreal Engine 4, touting better graphics, performance, new features like cloth physics and other improvements. This isn't just for the sequel, either, which was announced back in March. Porting the original Kenshi's assets and trying to make them work with Unreal is now taking up more time than creating Kenshi 2, and Hunt's not certain it's worth it. 

"Personally I feel like it would be better to focus on Kenshi 2, which will have exciting new features, new content and world to explore and mechanics to play with, rather than remaking kenshi 1, which would be essentially the same game."

You can leave a comment here and vote in this poll if you've got a preference. The original is, despite being a bit rough, already great, so it seems like Lo-Fi's energy would be better spent on making the sequel—but maybe you think differently. 

Fraser Brown
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