Ken Levine says first-person games are "the most direct way to engage"

Bioshock 2

Creative lead of Irrational games and creator of Bioshock Ken Levine has been talking about the advantages of first-person games. He argues that the viewpoint is more immersive, saying it provides "one less barrier to the experience."

Speaking to Industry Gamers , Levine said the first-person viewpoint gives players the child-like ability to step into someone else's shoes. "It's something we do very naturally as children, but it's something that is much more difficult for adults. I think that games gives us enough of a nudge in the right direction to have that childhood experience of play.”

“Not just play from a fun standpoint, but transposing your identity onto somebody else's, and that is something so powerful when you are a kid. You just lose that as an adult because you get so self-conscious.”

“Games sort of allow us to break through that layer to let us go back to that space of play, which I think is really powerful.”

Is Levine right? Are first-person games the most immersive on PC?