Ken Levine apologises for BioShock's final boss battle

Earlier this year, Pip asked: More than a decade on, does BioShock still hold up? I mean, it's no secret that its final boss battle was a bit of a stinker. Somewhat surprisingly, Ken Levine has now apologised.  

To mark this year's Day of Atonement—the holiest day of the year in Judaism—the series director expressed sorrow "for the naked Atlas boss battle" at the end of the first game. 

The seriousness of the tweet is hard to gauge, but I imagine it's said tongue-in-cheek. Nevertheless, the apology follows Levine's admission last year that the game's ultimate set-to was "terrible." 

In conversation with Glixel, Levine said: "You have this great game, and then you end up fighting this giant nude dude. We didn't have a better idea." 

Which seems almost too obvious now. As for the apology, I'm taking Levine on his word.  

Thanks, PCGamesN.

Sarah James
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