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Jonathan Frakes is here to tell you how sad PUBG's Dinoland is

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Next time the circle's closing in Vikendi's Dinoland, spare a thought for its sordid history. In a new PUBG video fleshing out the theme park's history, we learn that it was once "the happiest place ever." But for reasons quite irrelevant to the 100 person bloodbaths that now take place in its vicinity, that happiness quickly turned to... despair.

The below video is really well done: it's narrated by Star Trek veteran Jonathan Frakes, and takes the form of a ye olde "unsolved mysteries" style television program. I love PUBG, but I couldn't care less about it's lore. I kinda do, now.

In a nutshell, Dinoland was founded in the 1970s by one Carl Johann Lindh, a famous rich guy who operated the park with some success. All went swimmingly until the park's mascot, Alex the T-Rex, was "cut in half" by a Dino-train. 

Things get even more suspect and ominous from there, and while the video probably won't change the way you play PUBG, it may colour your experiences in Dinoland. Next time I'm in Dinoland, I may even shed a tear.

Check it out below:

Shaun Prescott
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