Join us bounty hunting in Hunt: Showdown with lead designer Dennis Schwarz

If there's a chance to play Hunt: Showdown during the work day, I'm going to take it. Just that sort of opportunity arose earlier this month when myself and Morgan Park, PC Gamer's Hunt devotees, met up in Hunt: Showdown for nearly two hours of chatting and bounty hunting with the game's lead designer Dennis Schwarz.

During which we discussed the past four years of Hunt: Showdown; the tightrope act of keeping the game's many weapons, perks, and skins in careful balance; and what's most important to the developers in making the game entertaining and competitive for players.

All of which we've logged in the video above. So if you're an avid Hunt player and want to learn a little more about the game from one of the people that knows it best, make sure to check it out. 

You can also find the video on our YouTube channel.

If you fancy further reading on Hunt: Showdown, Morgan's argument for a better battle royale is a good place to start. In which he notes Hunt: Showdown is perhaps the best blueprint for battle royale 2.0: "expansive maps, varied gunfights, and multi-team clashes" all in one game, and without the boring bits.

Jacob Ridley
Senior Hardware Editor

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