Is KFC about to announce a Rainbow Six Siege competition?

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KFC's weird attempt to corner the gamer market continues. Recently the company ran a "World Cup of Games" competition on social media, asking people to vote for their favorite games. With almost 100,000 votes the winner was Rainbow Six Siege, beating out Minecraft in the final round. As the KFC Gaming Twitter account said at the time, "The turnout from the community was huge… guess we'll have to put together a reward for the R6 Siege family".

Now we've got a hint what that reward might be, with a video that shows competitive Rainbow Six players fragging each other to a soundtrack of loud guitar and growling, accompanied by the words, "Cash and chicken to be won", "See you there #KFCR6", and "September 23".

Sure sounds like there's going to be an esports event sponsored by KFC announced on September 23. How will Colonel Sanders find time for this and starring in his own dating sim?

What an odd turn of events. I do feel like some fried chicken now, but admittedly that's my default state and I'd rather have Korean fried chicken, which is the best kind and would also make way more sense as an esports sponsor.

Jody Macgregor
Weekend/AU Editor

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