Is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Arsenal Mode an attempt to level the playing field?

CSGO - lake interior

Valve have updated Counter-Strike Global Offensive with a new map and mode. They also added 10,000 new players to the beta.

Arsenal Mode removes the traditional Counter-Strike purchasing options and replaces them with a mechanic that might help ease new players in. Anyone who gets a kill will have their weapon downgraded for the next round, effectively nerfing them a bit. After five rounds, the teams switch sides. A bespoke map has been introduced for the new mode too: de_Lake funnels the action into a multi-story house next to a picturesque lake.

The offensive team are still tasked with arming a bomb, and the defence defusing it. Alternatively, you can kill everyone on the other team as by shooting them in the head. That happens a lot.

Arsenal Mode is influenced by classic Counter-Strike mod "Gun Game" where players are rewarded with more deadly weapons as they get kills, effectively making the skilled more powerful. That's also due to be patched in, only it'll be called Arsenal: Arms Race. I fear it.

How are you getting on with Arsenal Mode? Does it result in more competitive Counter-Strike: GO matches or do you get as many kills/killings as usual? Let us know in the comments. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is currently in closed beta, follow Valve's instructions to be in with the chance of an invite.